The Kate Bundle

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The “Kate” bundle is inspired by one of my friends who I knew was life-long the minute we met; that I often want to give a gift for the countless advice, help, and feel-good laughter she brings into my life. Kate is the friend that I share my love of reading with, often recommending books to each other and reviewing our latest reads over brunch and a coffee (or juice, for those OJ lovers like me).

To me, a gift highlights not only an event, but also the giftee’s personality. The specially selected products included in this bundle are a nod to each of the interests I have observed, and love, about Kate. I can see Kate curled up on the couch, candle burning a beautiful scent, piece of chocolate in one hand and book in the other, taking time for herself after a busy day (where she was dressed to impress with her choice of statement earrings and blazer).

This bundle has a mixture of thoughtful lasting gifts, and treats to use/consume straight away.

Share this gift with your Kate.

The Kate Bundle:

Blind date with a book:
"The Girl Before" (Psychological Thriller), "Where the Crawdads Sing" (Mystery & Romance), "Big Little Lies" (Drama), or "The Strangers We Know" (Mystery & Thriller)
Cheeky Cacao Chocolate Bar (Salted Caramel & Cashew or Fruit & Nut)
Honey & Bee Candle 300g (Honey & Vanilla, Lemongrass & Sage, Cinnamon, or Coconut & Lime)
Red Earth Wandering Rina Earrings (White, Blue, or Pastel)

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