The Chloe Bundle

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The “Chloe” bundle is inspired by one of my longest friends, who has been a long distance bestie for over 10 years. Sharing my birthday month, I never forget Chloe's birthday!

Chloe is a long distance bestie who I know will be there for me at any time, for any last minute flight or call. Long distance besties can be hard to buy for, but putting together a special selection of gifts that highlight their personality and what they enjoy is made simple with this bundle. I imagine Chloe sipping the delicious cocktail and snacking on the Western Australian chocolate pretzels all the way over in Victoria, getting ready for a night out, which I will get to hear all about the next time we catch up.

This bundle has a mixture of thoughtful lasting gifts, and treats to use/consume straight away.

Share this gift with your Chloe.

The Chloe Bundle:

Caye Life Panarea Insulated Reusable Cup in Matte Green
Foxtails & Co Cocktail (Martini or Expresso Martini)
Hippy Rose Linen Scrunchie (Natural, White, or Gingham)
Whistlers Milk Chocolate Pretzels

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