The Paris Bundle

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The “Paris” bundle is inspired by one of my longest and closest friends, who was among those who motivated me to offer this gifting experience due to the physical distance between us. Paris is the friend that I share my love of all things self-care with. I often receive snapchat’s of Paris enjoying a cup of tea along with a book, while relaxing in her hammock in the sunshine. Taking time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life after a busy week is so important, and to gift this experience to someone is a special feeling.

The specially selected products included in this bundle are a nod to these days, where I can see Paris with her hair pulled back in a clip, tea in one hand and book in the other, having some alone time to recharge.

This bundle has a mixture of thoughtful lasting gifts, and treats to use/consume straight away.

Share this gift with your Paris.

The Paris Bundle:

Blind date with a book:
"The Girl Before" (Psychological Thriller), "Where the Crawdads Sing" (Mystery & Romance), "Big Little Lies" (Drama), or "The Strangers We Know" (Mystery & Thriller)
Hippy Rose Claw Clip (Green)
Honey & Bee Candle 300g (Honey & Vanilla, Lemongrass & Sage, Cinnamon, or Coconut & Lime)
Mug 260mL
The Tea Crowd ‘Balance’ 30g

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